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The successful training of future generations of scientists in universities is the key to the success of ALMA–Taiwan. University efforts thus play a decisive role and are crucial for the success of ALMA–Taiwan. The University Consortium of ALMA–Taiwan (UCAT) conjoining six major universities in Taiwan is hence formed, with the establishment of tuCASA (the UCAT Center for ALMA Science Advancement) through the funding of the National Science Council (NSC), to promote Taiwan’s ALMA Science.

The major mission of tuCASA is therefore to (i) promote and facilitate ALMA science programs in Taiwan, (ii) foster the science training of future generations of ALMA scientists from local universities, and (iii) nurture more competent ALMA users in Taiwan, in order to achieve the following fundamental goals:

  1. to widen the scope of university participation and broaden the user pool from local universities,
  2. to encourage more competitive use of the ALMA,
  3. to better prepare Taiwan’s astronomy community for ALMA science, and
  4. to ensure the best ALMA science from Taiwan.

University Consortium of ALMA–Taiwan (UCAT) members

    (In geographic order from north to south)

Faculty members




CHEN, Linwen 陳林文 NTNU
CHEN, Vivien Huei-Ru 陳惠茹 NTHU
CHEN, Wenping 陳文屏 NCU
CHENG, Frank C-Z 陳秋榮 NCKU
CHIN, Yinan 秦一男 TKU
HASHIMOTO, Yasuhiro 橋本康弘 NTNU
HWANG, Chorng-Yuan 黃崇源 NCU
HWANG, W-Y Pauchy 黃偉彥 NTU
IP, Wing-Huen 葉永烜 NCU
KINOSHITA, Daisuke 木下大輔 NCU
KONG, Albert 江國興 NTHU
KUAN. Yi-Jehng 管一政 NTNU
LAI, Shih-Ping 賴詩萍 NTHU
TSENG, Wei-Ling 曾瑋玲 NTNU
URATA, Yuji 浦田裕次 NCU
WU, Jiun-Huei Proty 吳俊輝 NTU
YANG, Ya-Hui 楊雅惠 NCU
YO, Hwei-Jang 游輝樟 NCKU


  1. tuCASA: The UCAT Center for ALMA Science Advancement (PI: Kuan, Y.-J)
  2. Submillimeter Emission of Astrophysical Objects in the Universe-Observations with Atacama Millimeter/ Submillimeter Array (PI: Hwang, C.-Y)
  3. Stimulate Program for ALMA Science in NTHU (PI: Chen, Vivien H.-R)
  4. Solar and Stellar Flares: ALMA Observation, Data Analysis and Theory (PI: Chen, Frank C.-Z)

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